If you could pick any type of food to eat right now, what’s your craving. Mine would be barbecue. Thing is, there are well over 300 restaurants in Lakeland, so you’re not going to have a problem satisfying any type of craving you have. Perhaps one of these restaurants is going to fit the bill for you as you try to decide where you are going to eat next in Lakeland FL.

The Poor Porker fits the bill for me and my barbecue craving for sure. The Poor Porker is located at 801 East Main Street, and it is said to serve up some of the best barbecue in Polk County. Have you tried the barbecue at any other places in Polk County and Lakeland? If not, you might have to put that review to the test. Try one or two other top recommendations, and see if The Poor Porker ends up being #1.

Garden Bistro is at 702 East Orange Street, and the cakes that are served up there are said to be delicious. There is a picture of a slice of coconut cake on a top travel site, and it certainly does look very good. How about a smoked salmon BLT or a portobello sandwich? This is a great lunch spot, and of course a lunch with a slice of cake will certainly hold you until dinnertime.

Fred’s Market Restaurant looks like a really cool and comfortable place to get a bite to eat. Located at 2120 Harden Boulevard, Fred’s Market Restaurant serves up fried chicken, pulled pork, skillet cornbread, strawberry shortcake and so much more. Get ready for some down home cooking, and not only that, it’s a buffet. Now, you know you just have to try this place.

Next is another bistro, Bay Street Bistro, and it is located at 211 East Bay Street. Duck, sea bass, salmon cakes and more are served up at Bay Street Bistro, and they also have cheesecake. Reviews say to expect an outstanding dining experience all the way around.

Well, you have two interesting bistros, a barbecue joint and a downhome cooking buffet. Which is the spot for you? Each of these places has its own appeal, and all four are top notch restaurants in Lakeland FL. I already said what I would want, so barbecue it would be. You decide what you want to eat, and have a great vacation in Lakeland FL.